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Doorstep delivery for your personal vehicle and corporate parking

Construction Sites

Get fuel delivered at your construction site on your scheduled time

Commercial Vehicles

Fuel your fleets, School buses, and showroom cars with our refueler

Industrial Sites

Get fuel delivered for your Generators, Machines and other industries fuels

How It Works

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Simply call our helpline number 844-844-4704 to connect with our representative.
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Quality assurance is a must, We check your fuel in front of you for quality purpose.

About Us

Save Time + Save Money + NO Theft = Increase Profitability

ReadyFuel, in association with Reliance Petro Marketing Ltd, plans to bring Diesel at your door steps. With uncontaminated fuel and fast delivery, ReadyFuel aims to bring pump services to the destination of your choice at one call. Diesel is the backbone of the country’s economy. Diesel forms main source of power for non- transport sector and is primary fuel for Generators, Engines, Industrial Boilers, Farm equipments, earthmovers, contractors, telecommunication towers, etc. Uncontaminated Diesel and its timely supply can increase the efficiency of every sector. Along with diesel, ReadyFuel will also provide Reliance’s RelStar Oils, Greases and Coolants. Widespread in seven districts, ReadyFuel is ready to travel long distances to help everyone during emergencies. ReadyFuel looks forward to ease the pressure of filling up fuel, breakdowns and emergencies.


1) Quality and Quantity Assurance – ReadyFuel is determined to give clean quality diesel. We make sure that you receive drop accurate quantity of fuel and your every penny is worth.
2) Supply in Pilferage Proof Container – Our containers are spill proof and no compromise will be done while delivering fuel.
3) Door Step Delivery – With just one call, we will be ready with the fuel on your door steps. Ready fuel is keen to help you at the times of emergencies and quick deliveries.
4) Saves time - No need to search around for the fuel. Just call and save your time.
5) Reduces overhead costs.
6) Flexible payment methods.



Our insight is to widen our services across Gujarat. Every sector like home, industry, infrastructure, events, etc. should receive the best quality fuel and appropriate quantity as promised. We want to create no emergency situation as we will be Ready to help whenever needed.



Our mission is to serve the best quality diesel at the accurate time with precise quantity at your doorsteps. During your fuel shortage, we will be the first one to rescue.

Serving Areas

Ready Fuel Serving Areas
  • Anand
  • Kheda
  • Vadodara
  • Mahisagar
  • Panchmahal
  • Chhota Udepur
  • Narmada



Dhrumil Mehta

Founder of Ready Fuel

8460 740 850

Ruchik Vyas

Co-Founder of Ready Fuel

9998 005 958

What our Customer Says

  • Really an reliable service. Our order delivered on time. We are mainly using diesel for our Oil Filtering Machines. We got the solution on point of going to petrol pump every day. This is very handy.  Thanks for everything
    Upen Patel
  • Thank you ReadyFuel. We had lot of trouble previously going to petrol pump and filling Diesel in Tanks. We find it convenient to get diesel directly delivered.
    Mahesh Sharma
  • The service provided by Reayfuel is very good with quick response time. Thank You
    Jayesh Shah

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who needs Diesel?
Diesel is used in various occasions. With a sealed can and quick service, we tend to be present in every sector that requires Diesel. Sectors: 1. Diesel Back-Up Generators · Banks · Party plots and Major Events · Malls · Apartment complexes with Back Up DGs · Educational institutes · Cold Storages · And many more 2. Farmer 3. Travels and Transport 4. Private Car owners 5. Telecommunication Towers 6. Industries 7. Infrastructure Contractors
2Where can you find us?
1. Vadodara 2. Anand 3. Kheda 4. Narmada 5. Panchmahal 6. Chota Udepur 7. Mahisagar
3How can you save money with ReadyFuel?
· Get Quality and Quantity Assurance. · Low transportation charge. · Timely supplies · Track your purchases, costs and averages.
4 How can you save cost and Time?
Cost of diesel rises in Apartment Complex, Hospitals, Hotels, Malls, Shopping Centres, due to few reasons. Reasons - 1. The person who delivers diesel has to be provided with salary. 2. Transportation cost increases as mode of conveyance i.e. auto or any other vehicles. 3. Cost of theft at petrol pump, during transport or in form of extra bills. 4. Adulteration in quality of diesel. 5. Research estimates 14% of reduction in efficiency due to loss of diesel during supply. ed.

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